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Postal Processing

Our initial tests of the eKEY® design were done on the old OCR’s, BCS, FSM’s and early DBCS machines. More recent testing has been done on just the DBCS machines, as the Postal Service turned these machines into their letter mail work horse. Limited testing has also been done on the new DIOSS machines. In all of our tests on all of these machines we have had no breakage when utilizing eKEY® designs.

Bulk mailings, First Class and Standard, are taken in trays from acceptance units directly to the DBCS machines and processed up to six times in preparation for delivery. Single piece First Class Mail, from collection boxes, must first have its postage canceled, oriented top up and faced front to back before it can be processed on the DBCS machines. The Facer Canceller is used by the Postal Service to perform all this work during one pass through the machine.

Postal engineers have run tests processing standard sized DVDs on the Facer Canceller, reporting a 3% breakage rate. During processing this machine turns all mail upside down to cancel its postage, negating the advantages of the eKEY® Mailer design. eKEY® Mailers will perform no worse than other disc mailers when processed on the Facer Canceller but neither will they be any better at protecting their discs on this piece of equipment.

What is important to remember is that after one pass through the Facer Canceller, single piece letter mail is then processed on the DBCS machines, just like bulk mailings, where the eKEY® design is able to protect the hub of the disc. When mailed as part of a bulk mailing, two-way mailers may be processed up to six times on the DBCS machines on their way to the consumer. The return piece is then processed once on the Facer Canceller and an additional four to six times on the DBCS machines before being returned. Though the eKEY® design is no better on the Facer Canceller than competing mailers, the eKEY® design can significantly reduce breakage for the rental and peer-to-peer industries as the majority of letter mail processing is performed on the DBCS machines.