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Postal Issues & Answers

DiscMail vs. On-line Advertising: A Cost Analysis (4/11/2010)
This presentation demonstrates how to calculate disc based direct mail's click cost and then compare that to on-line advertising's cost.  When comparing an equivalent cost per response DiscMail is less expensive than on-line. (Due to mixed version issues this may take extra time to load.  Press the full screen button for best image.)

The DiscMail Direct's 2010 NPF Presentation. (4/11/2010)
This presentation compares on-line advertising's functionality and costs  with disc based mail's.  This presentation was a collaborative effort by the DiscMail Direct Coalition.

Postal Processing of Optical Disks (8/04/09)
Detailed information showing the challenges mail piece designs face in the automated letter mail stream.  Many pictures of letter processing equipment and their affect on mail.

Email - Direct Mail Cost Comparisons (8/07)
Cost comparisons between email and direct mail make many assumptions.  Most are wrong.  This presentation shows that the lowest cost of outgoing messages delivers the highest cost per response.