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Patented Technology

All eKEY® Mailers are 6 inches tall. They can vary in length. All have pockets that anchor the optical disc in the mail piece as required by the DMM. All eKEY® Mailers can safely carry either standard sized optical discs or mini discs. eKEY® Mailers are protected by Patent # 6,491,160 and other patents pending.

All eKEY® Mailers lift their optical discs to the top of the mail piece. Mini discs are lifted entirely out of the equipment’s belt path. On a standard sized disc the hub of the disc is lifted out of the belt path. Belt pressure on the hub is what causes breakage during processing.

Because eKEY® Mailers eliminate the belt pressure from the hub of the disc, they are able to significantly reduce breakage of their contents during postal processing. We have had no breakage in our tests of this design. See Postal Processing for clarification.

Another benefit specific to eKEY® envelope mailers is that by lifting the disc to the top of the insert, a swing arm inserter can grasp the bottom of the insert without contacting the fragile disc, automating this part of this process.

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