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The Importance of Interactive Multimedia to Advertisers  [Mail:]
Interactive multimedia (rich media) is forcing the revaluation of traditional advertising mediums.  This article discusses multimedia and the most cost effective delivery system.

A Contrarian’s View … Let’s Dominate!  [PostCom]
Direct cost comparison between interactive multimedia delivered on line and the In-Mail-Equivalency cost of the same content delivered by the USPS.

Turf Wars and the New Mail at the Postal Service [PostCom]
The DVD rental business and issues with processing their DVD mailers.

Turf Wars 11 [PostCom]
A continuation of the internal postal conflict over non-machinable mail pieces.

Mail Smarter, Mail To More People, And Mail More Often  [Mail:]
Getting someone else to (willingly) foot the bill for a non-profit's mailing costs.

Combating the Internet [Mailing Sytems]
We have seen the Internet and, for the most part, we like it. We don’t like the disruptions it has caused in the direct mail industry. We don’t like marketers telling us their future is in flas

Automated Mail Stream Under Assault [MAIL:]
The automated letter mail stream is under assault by non-machinable disk mailers and postal management.

USPS Marketing... Ethically Challenged? [PostCom]
Discuses the use of private customer information by Postal Service management and their sales force.

Ghost Number Information -- requirement/use by the Postal Service
Office of Inspector General's Report on complaint filed about the Postal Service utilizing customer data for marketing purposes.

Why Does Postal Management Allow  Non-Compatible Disk Mailers Claim Automated Rates? [Mail:]

The question remains, why has postal management allowed one customer to cost them $30 million in manual processing costs per year and not force them to correct their mail piece design problems?

OIG Report  "... potential preferential treatment given to a large... (DVD) mailer" costs MILLIONS of dollars.

Report on the non-machinability of one customer's DVD mailers and associated costs.  The OIG estimates manual processing of this customer's mail will cost postal rate payers $61.5 million over next 2 yrs.

Single Piece First Class CD/DVDs [PostCom]
Simple solution to reduce breakage of optical disks when mailed at single piece First Class rates.

Print is Dead. Get Over it. [MAIL:]
It seems as if everyone in the direct mail industry has written off hard copy deliver. What a stunning lack of vision by postal management and industry leaders.

Your New Internet Advertiser - The United Sates Postal Service
When it comes to reaching targeted customers with sight, sound, motion and interactivity, it’s the Postal Service that does it best.

Audi CD Mailing Gets People Behind the Wheel  [DMNews]
Discusses CD mailing (Multimedia Mail) by Audi with an in-mail-cost of less than $1.00.

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