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Check out this YouTube VIDEO and article comparing the use of rigid  packaging to eKEY® Envelope Mailers.

January 8, 2013

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Value is Signed, Sealed Delivered with eKEY® Mailers

The best way to talk about the benefits of eKEY® Mailers isn’t with flashy sales jargon or company pride; it’s to let you hear directly from someone who has been using the product…
Joe Olson of Hope International sent [10,000] promotional DVDs out monthly in a black case that was approximately 4" x 8" and ½" thick. Unfortunately, he had tremendous breakage issues. “The plastic heavy-duty containers took so much abuse when hand processed at the post office. DVDs were missing and there was a great deal of case breakage. There were dozens of complaints,” Olson remembers.  
Not only did Olson experience more breakage, he essentially paid for that breakage to occur. “The Postal Service went from .33 cents a piece to $.99 cents a piece…essentially tripling the cost because they went to shape-based postage rates in May 2007.”
He was apprehensive at first, but Olson’s mailing luck would change dramatically with eKEY® Mailers. “When I saw the eKEY® Mailer, I couldn’t believe that its flimsy paper would protect it at all. It was mind-boggling to think that if the plastic wasn’t protecting things, how could the thin paper protect the DVDs?” recalls Olson.
But after looking into the mailing process, Olson learned that the belts of the postal equipment when processing eKEY® Mailers wouldn’t damage the DVDs. There would be no human intervention until the point of delivery.
What is Olson’s breakage rate now? “In two years, I have heard of one or two pieces. I was amazed at the difference.” And postage costs? “The cost to mail our DVD's is now $.17 each,” Olson added.
As Olson discovered, eKEY® Mailers drastically changed his direct marketing efforts. In a nonprofit organization like Hope International where every dollar matters, eKEY® Mailers help Olson spend his marketing budget wisely.
---Western States Envelope & Label's Fall/Winter News Letter

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