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Spineless Slugs!   [Mailing Systems]

As our customers and marketing dollars shift to on-line vendors, the direct mail industry has never raised a challenge to the on-line hype and has been cowered by the mediums supposed superiority.

Check out this YouTube VIDEO and article comparing the use of rigid  packaging to eKEY® Envelope Mailers.
Can a properly designed disc mailer protect its contents through postal processing? This article/video dispels any doubt about the eKEY® Mailer.&

Death Knell for Email?  [Mailing Systems]
An article published in the Mailing Systems Technology news letter comparing the costs and responsiveness of direct mail and email when they are used for acquisitions.

DMM Revision: Automation Prices for Letter-size Mailpieces with Enclosed Discs
If you have any questions about the DMM regulations please call.  You can find our number under the contacts tab.

Cost Comparisons: Disc Based Mail vs.On-line Advertising  [Mailing Systems Technology]
This article identifies an equivalent consumer response between direct mail and on-line advertising, making a direct cost comparison possible. It shows how paying $1.22 per click on-line is equivalent to paying $1.00/piece for direct mail.

Innovation Must Happen [Mailing Systems]
Why is it assumed that content can only be delivered digitally (over the web) or through the physical distribution of ink on paper?

Multichannel DM Draws Aces for Wynn Hotel  [DMNews]
Wynn Hotel uses a video enhanced CD (Multimedia Mail) to register an 80% play rate of their disks in a direct mail marketing campaign. Compare to Casino Credit Card article below.

Mail Piece Redesign: Is the goal to reduce processing costs or mandate the use of envelopes? [PostCom]
This article looks at he potential, negative financial affects of redesigning the letter sized mail stream.   With letter mail generating 77% of the USPS operating revenue, is it wise to risk damaging this cash cow?

The Internet is Our Competitor [Mailing Systems]
Contrary to the conventional wisdom, direct mail is capable of delivering greater functionality, at a lower cost than advertising delivered over the Internet.

Direct Mail: Cheaper than On-line Advertising  [Mail:]
What the direct mail industry, including the Postal Service, has done since 9 -11 and the anthrax scare has been to surrender our customers and their marketing dollars to on-line advertisers.

Do the Math  [PostCom]

Making direct cost-per-response comparisons between multimedia mail and on-line click costs!

The Imperative to Produce Automation Compatible Mail [PostCom]
Much of the letter mail stream, designed to DMM specifications, may not be compatible with processing equipment.  It is important for postal customers to ensure that their mail is compatible with processing equipment and not just the DMM.

How are Nonmachinable Disc Mailers being Processed?
Backtracking a recent mailing provides the answers.

Postal Proficiency: The Future of the Disc Industry  [PostCom]
As digital content (from movies to music) move on-line and disc sales decrease, the disc industry should be looking to direct mail as a growth opportunity for their products.  Discs and mail... direct competitors to on-line advertising.

Mail and disks: a perfect partnership [one-to-one]
The disk and direct mail industries are being shown the door to extinction by the on-line world.  But when combined together, they are able to deliver the same interactive multimedia as on-line advertisers but to a targeted demographic.

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