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Check the industry press, Todd Butler president of Butler Mailing Services, Inc. and eKEY® Technologies, is the leading authority when it comes to Multimedia Mail. In fact, he is the only industry leader writing about its utility and functionality. From articles to presentations at national conferences, eKEY® Technologies is the leader in promoting Multimedia Mail as a direct competitor to Internet advertising.

eKEY® Technologies is not an advertising agency nor do we wish to provide those services. But we can help you integrate interactive discs and other digital media into direct marketing campaigns.

Butler Mailing Services has been a letter shop for over 25 years. The knowledge and experiences gained from working in the direct mail industry make us uniquely qualified to provide the following services for our clients:

  • Licensing of postal approved CD/DVD mail piece designs
  • Testing of mail piece designs for compatibility with postal processing equipment
  • Provide the necessary expertise for entering discs in to the mail stream
  • Data processing and list services
  • Technical assistance for in house letter shops:
    • Develop efficient mailing operations
    • Adapt current fulfillment operations into direct mail operations
    • Assist with mail room equipment purchases
    • DMM rules and regulations
    • Mail piece and graphic design requirements
    • Manifesting variable weight pieces
    • Postal acceptance issues
    • Future rule changes and requirements

We have extensive knowledge of the U. S. Postal Service's DMM and a proven ability to work effectively within its constraints. We will be a strong advocate in your dealings with the USPS whether it involves digital media, mail piece design, acceptance procedures or strategies for working around difficult postal interactions. We can help your people gain the necessary expertise for your organization to be successful in the mailing industry.