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Unique Expertise - Patented Technologies

Since the fall of 2000, Butler Mailing Services has been the leader in exploring optical discs’ interaction with marketers, consumers and the Postal Service. Utilizing years of research and our postal expertise, we are uniquely qualified to assist you in identifying the risks encountered during postal processing, possible solutions for avoiding those risks and, through consultation, the development of mail piece designs that meet your specific needs.

Our expertise has been strengthened through the development of patented technologies which minimize or eliminate the damage to your discs during processing. The licensing of these technologies has been consolidated under the eKEY® Technologies company brand. eKEY® Technologies has an extensive product line approved by the Postal Service for automated letter processing, guaranteeing the lowest postage costs available to marketers. PCSC approval letters available.

Butler Mailing Services is on the leading edge of integrating digital programming into direct mail marketing. The challenge for the future is not only moving discs safely through postal processing but the delivery of other digital media to consumers. Our products were designed with this future in mind and can easily be adapted for delivery of innovative, non-standard products by the Postal Service.

It’s time to “Think Outside the Envelope”…we have!